Company KMP d.o.o.  is a family-run business. With services and products we are present on the Slovenian market for over 25 years. Company  was found by Potisek Jože, who also attracted to crafts his son, Goran. Business premises treated about 270 m2, are standing next to a residential house. In 1998 we expanded the premises in the former wood factory and now have available an additional 600 m2. Our hardware comprising several eccentric presses, bending machines and shears for cutting sheet metal (pressure 100 t), CO2 apparatus, apparatus for the protection of argon welding, lathe, drilling machine, lathe half-automated machines, saws for cutting steel profiles,  especially pipes, many hand tools, devices and our own transport fleet. Our production lines are mainly products and semi-finished products which are intended for export to Italy, Austria, Germany and Croatia.

We mostly produce:

  • balustrades
  • metal roofs
  •  skate ramps
  • various positions and components for small tractors
  • we also weld aluminum

The product, which was made on our own and as such is also marketed in the Slovenian market and partly on the Croatian market (fairs), are ornamental copper fountains, which are intended for outdoor and indoor spaces.


We manufacture stairs and indoor/outdoor balustrades.

Skate ramps

We produce more than 60 types of skate ramps. We design and install complete skate parks at the request of the investor (security norms according to DIN). The skate ramps are made according to DIN 33943. The structural elements are made of metal pipes dimension 40x40x2 mm; ST-37, which are protected against corrosion by the hot zinc method. Skate ramps are made of sandwich panels, where the base is a galvanized adhesive 2 mm, and there is a rubber on it, and the surface layer is stainless chromium-nickel (DIN 1.4301) thickness of 2.5 mm or wood-birch thickness of 15 mm.

Metal constructions


Phone, FAX: 00386 3 56 88 149

Potisek Goran (CEO): 00386 31 358 289

Potisek Jožef: 00386 41 682 655

e-mail: kmp.doo@siol.com


Ključavničarstvo in montaže Potisek, d.o.o.

Cesta za gradom 5a, 1433 Radeče

Registration number: 3365123

VAT number.: 91789010

Bank account #:  SI56 0510 0801 5480 222 (Abanka d.d)